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FDK Organic Fertilizers

We are a complete supplier of high-quality organic fertilizers

FDK Organic Fertilizers

FDK Organic Fertilizers are proud suppliers of high-quality organic fertilizers. Our Fertilizers are 100% organic.

Our quality products can be used in various applications.

Collection of products can be arranged from our site in Krugersdorp, but we can also assist with transport for your convenience at an additional but discounted transport rate.

Compost is very beneficial in gardening. If you are wanting to plant flowers or fertilize garden beds, compost is perfect to use.

The reason for earthworms becoming so popular to be used as a fertilizer is because of the numerous benefits the earthworms have to offer.

Our Fertilizer is 100% organic and is kept on-site where it is sieved and bagged. The fertilizer is dry which makes it very easy to work with.

The earthworms and other matter are all placed together with water poured over the top of the mix. All of the goodness is drained into a “tea” and bottled.

It is essentially earthworm waste that adds nutrients and richness to the soil.

Our high quality organic fertilizers is and has been used for the following:

Home Gardens


Vegetable Gardens

Various Farming Gardens