Vermi Liquid Microbial Fertilizer Tea (Earth Worm Tea)


The earthworms and other matter are all placed together with water poured over the top of the mix. All of the goodness is drained into a “tea” and bottled.

Why use worm tea?

  • Worm tea will out-perform chemical fertilizer.
  • Odorless natural fertilizer
  • Worm Tea used as an inoculant for potting soil will suppress airborne pathogenic fungi that can readily infect sterile potting medium.
  • The organisms in Worm Tea also produce hormones, vitamins, nutrients, enzymes, amino acids and minerals needed by seedling cuttings and young plants.
  • Worm tea can remediate soil that has been damaged by agricultural chemicals.
  • Worm Tea applied to the soil improves water retention.
  • Worm Tea can treat lawns affected with thatch, which is a condition caused by sterility in the underlying soil.
  • Worm Tea applied along with insoluble granulated or powdered minerals such as granite, limestone, rock phosphate, etc. will supply 95% of everything the soil needs. The other 5% is organic material applied as mulch or litter on the surface of the soil or as dead root material under the soil surface.
  • The microbes in Worm Tea feed other organisms in the soil food chain.
  • Worm tea applied to a compost pile will accelerate the breakdown of plant material. Reducing the amount of time to make compost.
  • Aerating the Worm Tea adds oxygen to the liquid and results in an explosion of effective microorganisms.


  • Fertilize indoor and outdoor plants
  • Increases productivity
  • Can directly apply to the soil, or directly to the plant itself