Mantis Bee Bags


The Mantis B-Pot is the perfect pot for those looking to grow in style. The B-pot is perfect for shallow rooting plants but gives your plants a bigger growing surface area. Making it perfect for succulents, seedlings, ferns, indoor and outdoor plants and so much more.

B-pots comes in different colors and size but still gives you all the benefits of a fabric pot and are aesthetically pleasing.

  • 3L – 120mmH x 180Ø
  • 5L – 120mmH x 220 Ø
  • 8L – 120mmH x 280 Ø
  • 6L – 170mmH x 220 Ø
  • 10L – 170mmH x 280 Ø
  • 24L – 240mmH x 360 Ø