Mantis Fabric Pot Velcro


Create a memory, create a story, and create luck in your Garden with a Mantis Fabric Pot.

5L Mantis Fabric Pots is ideal for the first-time grower, popping that seed that needs a little more TLC than normal. Our 5L Mantis Fabric Pots can be used for small succulents, germination of seeds, Chili plants and so much.
5L Product Size: 200mm H X 180Ø

10L Mantis Fabric Pots are versatile and ideal for small flowers like Pansy’s, great for indoor plant use, Peace Lilies, Begonias and so much more.
10L Product Size: 240mm H X 220Ø

20L Mantis Fabric Pots are our most popular choice of from all our pots and with reason, you get twice the number of roots in a 20L pot as you would get with any larger competing pot. Giving you a healthy plant that produce more yield, flowers, and vegetables. It is not to big nor to small giving you best of Both!

40L Mantis Fabric Pots is ideal for fruit trees, rose gardens and shrubs. Comes with handles that makes it easy to move in and around the garden.
40L Product Size: 400mm H X 360Ø

Mantis Fabric Pots Benefits are truly amazing and promote a healthy root environment for optimal plant growth and happiness.

  • Aeration
  • Temperature Control
  • Air-pruning
  • Durable
  • Better Absorption
  • Eliminates Transplant Shock
  • Eliminates Root Rot
  • Promotes Healthy Roots
  • Re-useable

**All our Pots are re-useable making it economical – Just wash – Hang to Dry – Re-use**
** Comes in Velcro and Non-Velcro**
** Different Colors – Black, Grey and Brown**